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4 Reasons Why 2016 is the Year to Buy a Triangle Home

home search, hywards, freedigitalphotos.netMany home buyers in the Triangle have been waiting patiently! They have been slowly saving their money; preparing, learning, and trying to decide when is the right time to buy a new home. This is the year! Triangle real estate professionals have repeatedly predicted that 2016 will be one of the best years for home buyers in Raleigh and the region.

Local real estate professionals consider many factors before determining how the real estate market will be in the future. Here is why 2016 will be a record year in central North Carolina.

Flat Fee Realty believes in the following key factors that we think will make 2016 a great year for Triangle and Raleigh buyers and sellers alike:

  • ​More houses will be on the market: One important local real estate trend in 2015 was the selling of homes that had positive home equity. This created a seller-friendly real estate market. It also, at times, increased the likelihood of a multiple buyers for one property which in turn solidified the asking price. More homes will be available in 2016.
  • Mortgage rates might increase in the coming year: While current mortgage rates are still some of the lowest in history, it is expected that the rates will likely rise. While it will still be possible to have historically affordable mortgage rates, buyers will be looking soon for a home.
  • Average rent rates are on the rise: Over the past several years, the average rent has risen for apartments, town homes, and rental homes all across the Triangle area and nation. With those rising rates, it is becoming more and more apparent that the best financial choice for many people in the Triangle is buying a home. 
  • The availability of online tools: The access of information that the average Triangle home buyer has today is incredible, both in volume and accuracy. Buyers and sellers are more informed than ever. One such tool offered is our own from Flat Fee Realty, an online MLS listing service that enables home buyer and home sellers to bypass the expensive fees of realtors.

In 2016, buying or selling a home in the Triangle area has never been more defined as a process. Call us at  Flat Fee Realty! With value-based fees, easy to use interface, and a service track record of success when it comes to buying and selling houses; Flat Fee Realty is the smart choice for home buyers and sellers. 

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This post on selling and buying a home in the Triangle is brought to you by the team at Flat Fee Realty and is intended for informational purposes only.

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