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3 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Home Marketability Across North Carolina

Since so many Triangle, Charlotte, and Wilmington residents have social media accounts through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, home sellers are able to utilize those platforms to keep home buyers informed and interested in listed properties. Our real estate professionals at Flat Fee Realty recommend using social media to help in to help in the home selling process.

3 ways Flat Fee Realty uses social media to boost the visibility of North Carolina homes:  

  • Create and share websites: Serious sellers looking to increase their home’s online presence know that creating easy-to-navigate websites is important. A website can include information on the property, pictures, and even virtual tours to entice buyers to schedule a visit. The links to the website are easily shareable to social media platforms, making them ideal for sellers and buyers to interact.
  • Use personal networks: The great thing about social media is that everyone already has an established network of contacts at their fingertips. Friends and family are generally eager to help when one of their connections expresses a need. They’re able to share postings to spread the word, or they might even have advice for success during the online selling process!
  • Be careful of spamming: Social media users also have control of their news feeds, and they’re able to hide and delete repetitive or “nuisance” posts. Be sure to use the power of posting in a reasonable manner when sharing details of a home for sale. Try to keep posts informative and new, so don’t re-post the same thing several times a day.

There are many other important ways to use social media for selling a home in across North Carolina. Our experts at Flat Fee Realty are knowledgeable and have insight into how the platforms can be used to their full potential. Contact our real estate agents today to see how their guidance and the use of social media can help sell a home!


This post on using social media for selling and buying a home in Lake Norman, Charlotte, Wilmington and the Triangle of North Carolina is brought to you by the team at Flat Fee Realty LLC and is intended for informational purposes only.

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3 Reasons Home Closings Can Be Delayed in the Triangle

Buying a home is a major milestone for Triangle residents. However, the lengthy process of viewing listed properties, making offers, and utilizing due diligence periods is usually worth the time and effort, especially when the closing date is in sight.

There are times when the process does not go as planned and home buyers in the Raleigh, and the rest of the Triangle find stumbling blocks as they head to closing. Our expert real estate agents at Flat Fee Realty have seen last-minute surprises that that can hamper the process, but the collective expertise and guidance of each agent has worked through the setbacks.

Flat Fee Realty offers three common problems that home buyers may encounter during the closing process and how to manage them:  

  • Home appraisal issues: Transactions for buyers and sellers always include a bank appraisal of the property –they’re imperative for buyers acquiring a mortgage. The bank’s appraisal may differ from the seller’s original listing price, often due to repairs the bank requires before the loan process. The closing may be delayed if this issue arises, and having the guidance of an experience Flat Fee Realty agent can prevent this from being a surprise at the last minute.
  • Title problems: Knowledgeable and practiced agents are an asset for buyers in this regard. We are able to ensure that the buyers are acquiring a clean title and that it will not impact future financing or sales of the property; we research the title to ensure the buyers are not buying a property with liens against it.
  • Additional documentation: Mortgage lenders are scrupulous in their reviews of buyer funds. A simple pre-approval may cause buyers to assume everything is fine, and they could be, but there are numerous documents that are required to finalize the lending process. Often, lenders will look more deeply into credit and bank statements even days before closing. The request for additional documents, such as explanations for recent deposits, may delay the process. Our Flat Fee agents can help ensure buyers are prepared with all documentation that will be needed to avoid confusion and miscommunication.  

Buying a home needs to be a joyous occasion for Triangle buyers, even if it can be somewhat of a headache. There’s no need to worry about any of the hurdles of buying and closing on a home with a friendly and trustworthy agent from Flat Fee Realty assisting with the process. For the best service in Triangle real estate, contact us today!

This post on selling and buying a home in North Carolina is brought to you by the team at Flat Fee Realty LLC and is intended for informational purposes only.

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