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3 Facts to Know About Open Houses in the Triangle, Lake Norman, and Wilmington

As newcomers move to North Carolina, people are often eager to find the home of their dreams as soon as possible. There are several excellent ways that home buyers can utilize to find their new home, including seeking out a Flat Fee Realty NC agent, browsing potential options with one of our team, and visiting open houses.

Some people may think that open house events are outdated since the internet provides virtual tours, galleries, and more to showcase the listed home. To a certain degree this is true, but there are still benefits to attending an open house, in person, and that cannot be replicated by the internet.

Flat Fee Realty offers three important facts about open houses in the Carolinas:  

  • Open houses have many purposes: For those who are new to navigating the real estate market, it may seem like the point of an open house is to sell the featured home. In many cases that is the end goal. However, it is important to note that open houses are great for traffic and opportunity. Home seekers can connect with people in the industry and get a feel for how they conduct business.
  • Neighbors are often good resources: In theory, an open house will attract serious buyers only, but that’s not always the case. There will always be neighbors and casual walk-throughs and others with no intent to purchase. However, they usually have a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the neighborhood, schools, community, shopping and more.
  • Reality Can’t Be Retouched: Since the internet is a viable resource for home buyers, people can get a view of the house without ever being on the property. This can be great news, especially for those moving from another area or if there is no time to shop in person. Note that internet photos can be carefully shot to hide flaws or to exaggerate space from a specific angle. The benefit of attending an open house is seeing the home in person, without the magic of photoshop or filters to adjust its image.

Open houses are still useful in the real estate market today, especially for home buyers in the Triangle area who are looking to connect with the best of the best in the industry. Contact us at Flat Fee Realty to inquire about local open house events and to meet with our friendly and knowledgeable agents! Terry McDonald and his team in the Triangle, Lake Norman, and Wilmington are ready to help today!


This post on selling and buying a home in North Carolina is brought to you by the team at Flat Fee Realty LLC and is intended for informational purposes only.

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