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3 Big Mistakes When Selling a Home in the Triangle

FFR Website PhotoThe average home owner usually will move every 13 years. That is a long time to live in one place and a big chunk of a life experiences as well. At Flat Fee Realty in the Triangle, we understand completely that a house is likely filled with an uncountable number of family moments and accomplishments. All of these factors combine to create a great deal of attachment, sentiments and memories, all of which can make selling a home an emotional time. 

It can be tough for local homeowners to make the decision to sell what has long been home. It is usually the right decision, especially in this 2016 seller’s market. Due to the fact that homeowners are very attached to their homes, they often can make big mistakes when selling.

Our Flat Fee Agents want the following three selling mistakes avoided:

  • Not taking care of the details: When potential house buyers are viewing Triangle area homes, they often see a home that is cluttered or disorganized. If the seller’s home is not neat and trim and things are out of place, potential buyers can only think what else might be wrong. Take the time to pretend to be a buyer and take a honest and frank walkthrough of the house looking for any reason not to buy; even better, ask a trusted friend or neighbor to review the home from every perspective as well.
  • Listing at an unrealistic price: The reason pricing is so important is it has been proven that properties that are overpriced, when first on the market, tend to close at a lower pricethan they would have if it had been even with all the comps in the neighborhood. We suggest that our agents get involved to help price the home correctly; Contact us at Flat Fee Realty to get the right listing for your property here in the Triangle.
  • Getting too emotional or easily offended: Don’t get upset if a potential buyer isn’t the biggest fan of a dark blue dining room color or if a potential buyer offers an unrealistic price that is not even close to asking. Instead, remember that everyone will not like everything. The goal as a seller is to be flexible enough so that the buyer will consider the overall value presented.

Selling a house in the Triangle is quite a big deal for everyone involved and it is indeed stressful. It is one of the biggest transactions that an individual will ever experience. Flat Fee Realty can help minimize mistakes when selling a local home. If this is the year to sell your home, contact the Flat Fee Realty team today! We make the difference!


This post on selling and buying a home in the Triangle is brought to you by the team at Flat Fee Realty and is intended for informational purposes only.

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