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4 Reasons to Sell a Home during the Holidays and Winter Season

Gingerbread House- Serge Photography- freedigitalphotos.netAs real estate’s super busy seasons wind down, it’s common for Triangle sellers to question whether the winter is a good time to sell, and if it’s worth it to leave their home on the market. Popular wisdom says to take it off the market and try again in the spring, but there are actual many distinctive advantages to promote a home on the market in December, January, and February. The expert real estate agents at Flat Fee Realty want home sellers to wisely spend their time, energy, and money in the cool months of North Carolina.

The professionals at Flat Fee Realty share four important reasons why it’s a great idea to keep a home on the market in winter:

  • Homes look attractive during the holidays: With admittedly fewer buyers making the rounds, it’s especially important to impress the ones who do show up. During the holidays, homes usually feel warm, look inviting, and smell good. Holiday decorations can do double duty for home-staging.
  • Most buyers look online first: Before the rise of the internet, the short daylight hours and the occasional wintry weather made it less likely that buyers would want to see homes for sale. Since the vast majority of buyers view homes online first, every day of the year is good.
  • There is less competition: Inventory in the Triangle real estate market is already low, and as the holidays approach, sellers will take their homes off the market for various reasons. That will make the inventory even lower, putting the sellers that remain at a big advantage.
  • Buyers are more serious: People move to the Triangle every day and every week, regardless of holidays or seasons. With the busy holidays on everyone’s calendar, only the most serious buyers will make room in their already busy weekends to see homes. Chances are, if someone is looking to move in the winter, they have the incentive to do so. The seller wins when buyers are motivated.

While the Raleigh real estate market does still have its predictable highs and lows throughout the year, the traditional seasonal distinctions are becoming less and less important. There is only one selling and buying certainty. A home that’s not on the market will never sell.

Is this the season to sell or buy for you? The real estate agents at Flat Fee Realty help buyers and sellers navigate current real estate trends and date to make only the best decisions. Contact us today!


This post on selling and buying a home in the Triangle is brought to you by the team at Flat Fee Realty and is intended for informational purposes only.

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