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4 Often Unseen Costs of Selling a Home in the Triangle

Purchase agreement- phasinphoto, freedigitalphotos.netMost home sellers in the Triangle want to price their home for the most money possible in the shortest time; all while avoiding expensive costs, fees, and commissions. An agent’s commission is the obvious one, but there are many other not-so-obvious costs involved in selling a home. Flat Fee Realty wants sellers to understand all of the costs involved in selling a home. Below, some often overlooked costs to consider:

  • The agent’s marketing strategy: An effective marketing strategy is an important part of attracting enough potential buyers to generate solid, serious offers. A poor marketing strategy will needlessly prolong a home’s time on the market, with holding costs quickly adding up. Not only that, but the price reductions and low offers that inevitable follow will further reduce a seller’s profit.
  • The agent’s pricing strategy: If an agent’s pricing strategy is not effective, the home will sit on the market for longer than necessary. An improperly priced home may encourage low offers, and also necessitate price reductions. Buyers will note the reductions, which in turn will encourage more low offers.
  • Holding costs: A home sitting on the market will cost the sellers every single day in terms of a mortgage payment, interest, property taxes, and utilities. Additionally, sellers who have already purchased their new home are forced to double up on these costs until their former home is sold.
  • Closing costs: Many sellers forget about paying prorated property taxes, homeowner association fees, recording fees, transfer fees, and more. Additionally, some mortgages have a prepayment penalty, which requires payment of a fee if the mortgage is paid off prior to a specified date.

The true cost of selling a home involves a lot more than an agent’s commission. Every cost reduces the seller’s potential to make a profit; sometimes leaving them with less money than expected after closing. Sellers wanting to keep the most money possible after the sale of their home should contact the experienced agents at Flat Fee Realty today!

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This post on selling and buying a home in the Triangle is brought to you by the team at Flat Fee Realty and is intended for informational purposes only. 

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