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4 Real Estate Myths that Survive in the Triangle

The real estate market in the Triangle is bubbling with activity as we move into the Spring of 2017. Our agents and market professionals at Flat Fee Realty want buyers and sellers across the region to be fully informed as they prepare to buy and sell. The focus of this week’s real estate blog post focus is on dispelling a few lingering myths that seem to still permeate the Triangle.

Four myths that our Flat Fee Realty Team wants to share to prospective home buyers and home sellers in the Triangle are:

  • Open Houses will sell a home, guaranteed: There is a wide variety of people who attend open house. Some people attend these showings on a regular basis just to get ideas. Most often, interested buyers will typically schedule a second visit with one of our agents a more personal and intimate view of the property. That said, open houses serve a purpose.
  • Buyers get better deals on their own: Buyers may think they’re saving money by not paying commission to a buyer’s agent, but this simply isn’t the case. Houses listed have total commission included in the list price, so buyers aren’t avoiding commission costs by going solo.
  • Sellers save money by listing FSBO: Sellers who choose to list their home as For Sale By Owner are usually interested in saving money. Unfortunately, most buyers are wary of FSBO listings, and it takes a lot of effort to market and show the home that sellers promote on their own.
  • Listing above market rate will result in a higher sale price: Many Triangle buyers and agents avoid most properties that are listed above market rates for variety of reasons. It’s simple to lower the price, but sellers also must be aware that homes listed for an extended period of time draw buyer concern. Listing at a reasonable market price will see more activity and more visits.  

The real estate industry varies state by state, and there are always changes and additions to existing laws that can make home selling a challenge at times. Our Triangle market and our Flat Fee Realty team provide great opportunities as we head into the spring selling season!  Call us and meet with one of our local industry experts; contact us today!


This post on selling and buying a home this spring in the Triangle is brought to you by the expert team at Flat Fee Realty and is intended for informational purposes only.

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