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4 Important Improvements for Sellers to Increase Home Value

It’s almost May and a great time for Triangle homeowners to prepare to sell with Flat Fee Realty. The 2017 real estate market will be booming with activity in our local region as new residents steadily come to our quickly growing part of the Southeast.  

While this influx of potential buyers continually comes in, many sellers will want to ensure their homes are in their best shape, with many attractive features to appeal to an array of buyers. Luckily, this process doesn’t have to be a time consuming, or confusing ordeal for homeowners. There are several simple recommendations to help boost the value of Triangle homes before listing them!

Our experts offer four important common home improvements that Flat Fee Realty recommends for home sellers looking to increase their home’s value:  

  • Improve curb appeal: A home’s lawn and external grounds are the first thing a home buyer will see. Making minor improvements to the home’s landscaping can have a big impact on whether buyers will want to stop and take a tour. Sellers should make sure their lawns are in good shape by keeping it tidy, so trim the hedges and keep the grass cut to give the home a good first impression.
  • Update original fixtures: Many homes may still have the original builder’s fixtures in place. Buyers today want the latest upgrades and it could affect their perception of the home giving it an outdated feel. Simply update faucets or light fixtures and new knobs for cabinets; buyers will be more attracted to all the new!
  • Cut energy costs: There are many buyers in the market who value sustainable energy and like to see it practically implemented. Adding a few technical features, like a smart power strip that knows when to turn appliances and lights off at certain times, is a great way to appeal to buyers with a conservative approach to energy consumption.
  • Regular maintenance: Sellers should keep up with regular maintenance, inside and outdoors, so buyers aren’t distracted by an array of projects that might happen if they buy the property. Address dirty and worn carpets ahead of time, make sure there isn’t mold or termite damage, and adding fresh neutral paint in rooms like kitchens and dining rooms will really help. These issues are small, but important. These can sway a buyer to buy the house.

There are numerous other ideas for sellers to consider when trying to increase their home’s value before putting it on the hot Triangle market. Our experts at Flat Fee Realty are able to guide sellers in the right direction so they can make good decisions. Contact us today to see how your home’s value can increase with a few minor improvements!


This post on selling and buying a home in the Triangle is brought to you by the team at Flat Fee Realty and is intended for informational purposes only.

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