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3 Real Estate Agent Must-Know Secrets to Selling a Home

stockimages-telling a secret-freedigitalphotos.netThe Triangle real estate market is hot as August in Raleigh right now! But the market can slow down a bit as we head into September and October. While a slowing market doesn’t always translate to lower home prices, some owners decide to sell their own homes (For Sale By Owner/ FSBO) without agent assistance in the hopes of saving a few (or thousands) of dollars.

Below, the top-notch agents at Flat Fee Realty share their best-kept secrets to selling a home by owner:

  • Know limitations: Selling a home by owner requires a certain skill set. Everyone’s personality is different, so before taking on the challenge, be honest and determine if going FSBO is the right fit. Being a hard worker, a strong negotiator, good with people, and unemotional are all extremely important. Time and plenty of it is needed. Dedication to selling is paramount. If this sounds even remotely challenging, contact one of our Flat Fee Real Estate agents for guidance, expertise and support.
  • Manage expectations: Most people who decide to sell on their own anticipate saving a huge amount of money by avoiding paying commission to a listing agent. While it is possible to save some money, it’s usually not as much as anticipated. Smart buyers will know that an owner selling without an agent is saving on the commission, and will reduce their offer accordingly based on that fact alone.
  • Assess the competition: Yes, many buyers will want to change things when they move in, and a few of them might be willing to put in a little work if a home needs repairs or updates. By and large though, buyers want every home to show like a new home. The extent to which a home should be updated or repaired depends on the competition. Either match it (doing the minimum to meet neighborhood standards), or lower the price accordingly to attract potential buyers.

These three “must-know secrets” will set potential FSBO sellers on the right path, but perhaps the biggest selling top-secret tip for those wanting to sell a home themselves is to consider a flat fee listing. Our Flat Fee Realty agents offer all of the major benefits of working with a full-service real estate firm at a fraction of the cost.

Wondering what flat fee service entails? The experienced agents at Flat Fee Realty are available to answers all of your questions. Contact us today to find out if a flat fee listing is right for your home!


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