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4 Approaches Good Real Estate Agents Use to Create Success

FFR- Oct 20 Pic-10051836The Triangle region of North Carolina is home to thousands of real estate agents. Although the vast majority of real estate agents are very good at what they do, there are certainly some agents who are below average in both honesty and professionalism. When looking for someone who represents the true interests of the buyer or seller, look for those who are truly great agents, good people, and top producers. What is it that separates the average from the great?

Flat Fee Realty offers four attributes to look for when choosing a real estate agent partner:

  • A great agent will tell the truth about price, even if a client doesn’t want to listen: Let’s say a buyer loves a particular house, gets into a bidding war, and wins. Good news, right? This is not necessarily true. Today, homes must be sold twice—to the buyer and to the bank. If the bank doesn’t agree (say, the home doesn’t appraise to the selling price), the deal is off. A great agent will recognize this in the beginning and prepare the client for alternatives.
  • A great agent anticipates instead of reacts: Professionals make a complex process look easy for the client. Pro-activity, anticipating challenges, and removing roadblocks are important factors in a stressful process. Good agents have the foresight that develops with time and experience. And while challenges might the norm for them, they never take their clients concerns too lightly.
  • A great agent will get the seller the most money possible for their home, even if it takes a little longer and requires more marketing: A great agent always puts their client first, even if it means more work and less commission. Setting the right price for a home doesn’t mean pricing it low enough to sell quickly (unless that’s what the seller wants). It means getting the most profit possible for the client, even if it takes more time and effort.
  • A great agent doesn’t just answer the phone when clients call; a great agent is the one doing the calling: Some agents complain about their clients constantly calling them. This, however, can mean that they are not giving the client enough information. Even if nothing is happening, the clients want to know that nothing is happening. Great agents never let silence speak for them.

Any one of the thousands of real estate agents in the Triangle can show homes, negotiate a deal, and close the transaction. However, when money (and sometimes stress) is on the line, go for the great, not the average. Flat Fee Realty strives for the best. It is what everyone needs in real estate as we head to 2015. We are the FUTURE OF REAL ESTATE.

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This post on selling and buying a home in the Triangle is brought to you by the team at Flat Fee Realty and is intended for informational purposes only.

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